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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Brown's Vanity Project

Despite the fact that the UK is suffering the worst recession in decades, and the government is effectively broke, Gordon Brown is determined to spend money hosting his personal vanity project.

World leaders, 22 are expected, will attend a conference organised by Brown at the ExCel Centre on April 2. The purpose of the conference is to revive the world economy.

All very well, but here is why it is a waste of time and merely a vanity project designed to project Brown as a "leader":

1 It will cost the British taxpayer £50M.

2 The recession has been "in play" for quite some time now. World leaders and their finance ministries ought to have already formulated plans for stimulating the economy.

3 A one day networking event in London will make not the slightest difference.

4 The leaders and their advisers have other opportunities to discuss and brainstorm, eg Davos and via phone and video links.

All in all this event is a waste of time and money, and fools no one.

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