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Friday, February 20, 2009

Gordon Brown - World Policeman

The truth is finally dawning on people that Gordon Brown has more than a little responsibility for the financial mess that we now find ourselves in, eg:

- The failure of his tripartite regulatory system to control the banks.

- The waste of public sector resources in good years on consultants, IT systems and other "initiatives" that have all failed.

- The massive increase in the size of the public sector, for precious little "real world return".

- The dithering over Northern Rock and the financially ruinous HBOS Lloyds merger/bailout.

- The £2Trillion debt resulting from his bank bailout plan.

Now that people and his own party have finally woken up to his role in this mess, there are those who seek to position themselves to takeover as and when he "falls" or is pushed onto his sword.

Harriet Harmon, so the media gossip goes, is lining herself up to takeover. The interesting add on to this "testing the water" gossip is that a story has surfaced that Brown is being touted by the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, for a new job as a global financial watchdog.

God help us all if he were to assume that politically untenable position, given what he has done to the UK economy the damage he would do to the world economy is unthinkable.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Re the public sector bit.

    I went for a beer with a mate last night who was made redundant from the private sector about four years ago. He got a job in the public sector. He was telling me he couldn't believe how incompetent so many people in the public sector are and how much money is just thrown down the drain and wasted (that would be our money then).

    He then told me he had been approached the other day by a private sector company trying to headhunt him and they had offered a pretty amazing salary. When I asked him if he would take it, he said no way. Because the pension rights (our money again) he has in the public sector are just "too bloody good."