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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Halifax Profiteers Out Crisis

Halifax decided to ignore government pleas to pass on rate cuts, and instead chose to double the margins on some of its most popular mortgages last night.

Halifax reintroduced two year tracker deals for borrowers with a 25% deposit at a rate of 5.14% (2.14% above base, Halifax's best tracker a month ago was 1.04% above base).

Halifax's five year tracker for borrowers with a 25% now has a rate of 5.39% (2.39%, a month ago Halifax was offering five year trackers at 1.25% above base).

Shades of profiteering?

Halifax, needless to say, blame Libor.

Oddly enough Libor is at it lowest point in four years.

Maybe someone should tell Halifax that?

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