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Monday, June 09, 2008

The Great PPI Rip Off

Those of you who have been screwed by your bank or other financial organ into taking out an unnecessary and expensive payment protection insurance (PPI) policy should read this article in The Times, which shows that you can claim back up to £24K.


"The insurance, which is bought by one in four people and is supposed to cover your mortgage or loan repayments if you are unable to work, is described as one of the last big rip-offs in the industry after endowment mis-selling and overdraft charges.

Banks often add the cover to your loan automatically, with many borrowers never realising they have it. Even when they do, most consumers are unaware of the extent of overcharging.

Mortgage cover from Halifax, for example, would add £103 a month to the cost of a typical £200,000 home loan, or £2,472 over two years. The cheapest cover on the market can cost two-thirds less

However, as I have noted before, banks are not charities. The money that they repay to customers in the form of compensation will be made up for elsewhere, via increased rates on loans and mortgages.

They simply do not care about their reputations, or their customers.

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