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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Bloodbath at The Rock

After weeks of mounting pressure, following the destruction of Northern Rock, the CEO (Adam Applegarth) has finally been persuaded to fall on his sword and resign.

Applegarth will leave by the end of January.

His is not the only head to role in this debacle, that has seen not only a major brand/bank destroyed, but the first run on a British bank in 140 years (thus severely damaging the credibility of Britain's financial system and that of the regulatory authorities).

Matt Ridley, the much maligned and invisible chairman, resigned in October; the bank has now announced that four non-executive directors - Sir Derek Wanless, Nichola Pease, Adam Fenwick and Rosemary Radcliffe - will step down with immediate effect.

Applegarth earned £1.36M last year. Northern Rock refused to comment on whether Applegarth would receive a compensation package when he leaves the business. The more pertinent question is whether they actually would have the funds to be able to pay him.

Rock also stated that three further directors - David Baker, Keith Currie and Andy Kuipers - would step down from the board, although they would remain officers of the company.

A complete shambles, and a humiliation for Britain's financial services industry and regulatory regime.

What other horrors are lurking in the woodwork in other banks I wonder?

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