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Thursday, April 12, 2007

The World's Local Bank!

HSBC, which claims to be the "world's local bank", has decided that the concept of "local" is flexible depending on your income.

That at least is the case for the hapless customers of its Poole Canford Cliffs branch.

HSBC have decided that those people that it classifies as non "Premier" are no longer worthy of interacting with staff at its branch in Poole; ie it will ban "face to face" interaction with "poor people".

Why is this?

Seemingly Poole is a wealthy area and HSBC have more than enough wealthy customers, so they don't need to deal with the "riff raff".

HSBC should take note that it's the "little people" that keep many banks going, as they borrow at exorbitant rates of interst and become steadily indebted.

Arrogance comes before a fall.

To find out if you qualify to see a human being at HSBC's Poole branch, take this simple test:

Do you have:

-£50,000 savings?
-or a £200,000 mortgage?
-or a £100,000 mortgage and £75,000 salary?
-or pay £19.95 a month "premier" account fee?


Then Fark Off!

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