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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Migrants Better Than Natives

The Institute of Directors (IoD) has conducted a survey that concludes that migrant workers to the UK are seen as harder working, more reliable and better skilled than natives.

The survey found that employers believe immigrants outperform UK employees by “a large margin”.

Workers who have come here from abroad are believed to have better skills, education, work ethics and reliability.

Miles Templeman, director-general of the IoD, is quoted in the FT as saying:

"The UK workforce has got to raise its game on skills and performance."

This means that UK workers are going to find their current terms and conditions of employment under a strong downward pressure, as shortages and skill gaps are made up by employing in migrant labour.

The socio economic consequences of this to Britain will be serious, as to whether our current government has the abilitdesirere to manage this issue is another question.

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