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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Farepak Debacle II

A very small measure of good news has been delivered to the hapless victims of the Farepak collapse. Roy Martin QC, one of Scotland's leading lawyers, is to represent Farepak victims for free in their fight to recover their money.

Roy Martin QC is dean of the Faculty of Advocates, and has agreed to waive his £5K per day fee to take up the case of the Farepak victims.

He will meet with campaigner Louise McDade, of the Farepak Victims Committee, to see if Farepak's victims have any grounds for legal action.

Mr Martin will examine the case on behalf of the 150,000 victims across the UK who lost £45M when Farepak's parent company, European Home Retail, went bust in October.

In other news The Office of Fair Trading and the Financial Services Authority are considering whether to introduce new regulations for the industry after the Farepak collapse, I would venture to suggest that this seems to be a tad late for the Farepak victims.

Meanwhile Park Group, the largest Christmas savings club in the UK, has unveiled measures to ring-fence £210M of savers' cash; in an attempt to maintain confidence following the collapse of Farepak (which was in fact a larger company).

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