Thursday, October 19, 2006

Endowment Mortgage Misery Continues

Quite unbelievably, even though endowment mortgages have been shown to be the worst fanancial product ever foisted on the unsuspecting British public in living memory, around 40,000 of these useless underperforming products were sold in the first six months of this year. Even worse, around 100,000 were sold last year.

It beggars belief that, despite the lousy performance and negative publicity surrounding these useless products, people are still prepare to fall for the salesman's patter.

It also beggars belief that life assurance companies have the balls to continue to sell them. Clearly money and profits come before reputation and integrity.

A smooth talking salesman can earn a commission equivalent to the first 18 months' premiums, just for selling the policy. He can then continue to get paid annual commission, as long as the hapless endowment owner continues to keep the plan going.

It is little wonder that many people in Britain have lost confidence in the life assurance industry, and the financial services sector as a whole.

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