Wednesday, July 08, 2015

The Eurozone's Fuck Off Greece Fund

Despite Euclid meeting his fellow eurozone financial ministers in Brussels yesterday, he brought no proposals with him.

Unsurprisingly, even the eurozone is now exasperated by these games. As such Tusk and Juncker have given Greece a "final deadline" (how many times has Europe given Greece "deadlines" only to move them back?) to present a credible plan by Thursday, that will be decided upon by a full EU summit on Sunday.

Why are the EU leaders outside the eurozone coming?

Plan B now has been officially mentioned.

Juncker has said that if the proposal by Greece is unacceptable, Greece will be exiting the eurozone. As such the EU leaders will discuss what humanitarian aid will be given to Greece.

As I have noted several times before on this site, a fund (aka "fuck off money") has been set aside to be given to Greece as and when it exits, in order for Germany et al to wash their hands (with a "clean" conscience) of any further problems within Greece.

Syriza has played the game in order to maximise the "fuck off" fund. Once it has left the eurozone Syriza will turn Greece into a Marxist state funded by the eurozone's fuck off fund.

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