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Monday, November 21, 2011

The European Financial Clusterfuck

The European financial clusterfuck continues this week unabated.

Here are but a few headlines to start the week with:

- Moody's has issued a downgrade warning on France.

- Despite a landslide victory in Spain, for a party that will implement further austerity measures, markets are falling and Spanish bond yields are rising.

- Hungary has asked the EU and IMF for financial assistance, oddly enough they haven't put a figure on how much they actually want/need!

- The European Commission has sated that the "cure" for Europe's ills are Eurobonds. This has been publicly slapped down by Germany, which stated that Eurobonds were not a "cure" at all.

- The EU's Jean-Claude Juncker says if France were to lose its AAA rating so would the EFSF.

Wrt the latter point, so what?

The EFSF is a busted flush anyway, a downgrade in rating is completely irrelevant.

Oh, and if anyone is remotely interested, Belgium's politicians have yet again failed to form a government (Belgium has now been without a government for 526 days).

The week starts as it means to go on, badly!

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